FB_MOM1440_SiteBanner_1980x482A Unique Programme for 4-16 year Old’s.

Children & Youth Programme

We guarantee that your child will receive genuine care, consideration, and support. The programmes are engaging, accessible, and inclusive, with activities devised to reflect the interests, energy, and dynamism of each group. Great emphasis is placed on the safety and protection of our children whom are constantly supervised throughout the retreat. All done within the parameters of an Islamic atmosphere! And did we mention, F-U-N? Yes that’s right, you’ve read correctly! F-U-N is allowed in our retreats. In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way! MISS IT; MISS OUT!

4-6 Children’s Programme

Our dedicated Children’s programme is the perfect place to stimulate and nurture the Islamic characteristics with our carefully selected volunteers. With a host of activities on offer, the Children’s programme is engaging, accessible, and inclusive, with activities devised to support the retreats theme as well as our Islamic ethos. The children have immense pleasure singing and preparing for a full on stage performance! That’s right; your kids will be singing their little hearts out to the audience on the final day! Needless to say, with all the tears and tantrums it’s never a dull day in the children’s programme!

7-11 Youth Programme

Our dedicated Youth programme is the ideal place for our young teens to come and have fun whilst being engaged in thought provoking discussions that rejuvenate the mind and instill spiritual awareness. The teens leave the retreat more confident in airing their thoughts and views in a respectable and grounded manner! That’s it parents, this is the perfect place to send your kids for inspiration!

12-16 Youth Programme

We have a youth programme dedicated to our lively teens and their peers. If you know any, bring them along to an enriching environment that will not only enhance their critical capacity to think, but energise them in a fun and vigorous way! The Youth spend some time reflecting over and reciting the Qur’an with emphasis placed on developing a close connection with the Book of Allah.

The programme consists of approximately 4 different sessions each day. Two of these sessions will be outside activities so we advise all parents to send their children well prepared in appropriate clothing. Come rain or sun shine the activities must go ahead!

Awards Ceremony

 A new feature of our Family Retreats/Breaks/Conferences is the anticipated and much enjoyed awards ceremony. This will take place during Monday morning at 9:00 am. Each age group along with each activity (especially Quran) will have awards for a variety of different categories.